IKEA will sell clean energy

IKEA will sell clean energy in hometown Sweden

IKEA will now not just sell you smart lights — it will soon sell you the cheap electricity to power those lights, provided you live in Sweden. Electrek notes that IKEA has revealed plans to sell clean energy to Swedish through a Strömma subscription service. Pay the (as yet unmentioned) fee and you will get certified solar- or wind-generated electricity with the usage you can track through a mobile application.

The home furniture giant did not say whether it would expand the clean energy sales to other countries as well, although it hoped to let people “use and generate” renewable energy in “all our Ingka Group markets” by 2025. The company is already selling solar panels.

The retailer is no stranger to eco-friendly startups. It stopped selling non-LED lights and will soon drop non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. It’s even planning to turn a Swedish city into a sustainable community. And there’s little doubt this will help burnish IKEA’s public image. It can address concerns about the chain’s environmental impact by serving as a clean energy source.

It’s still a significant move, though, and we wouldn’t be surprised if other larger stores followed suit. It’s not just a feel-good effort that could reduce carbon emissions — sales of excess clean electrical energy could recoup costs and boost company profits.